Posted on 2010/04/10 13:55
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당대 최고의 지구환경 텍스쳐 애드온 중 하나인 Real Environment Xtreme for FS2004의 2번째 서비스팩이 발표됐습니다. SP2에서의 추가/수정된 내용은 다음과 같습니다. 근데 파일명은 무려 3월 22일자(...)임을 표시.

- Added new global weather averaging system
- Added additional wind layers at 45000 and 80000
- Added feature that prohibited updating of weather while user was starting descent or landing
- Added pop-up option after saving texture theme to automatically request user to install textures into FS
- Added new countdown feature to alert users when the WASys was about to start the process of loading weather into FS
- Raised lowest wind base to help with flare upon landing and wind shift issues
- Enhanced winds aloft and wind speeds algorithm
- Fixed mapping code to keep mapping service from losing connection
- Fixed mapping reload issue, even though the issue was not consistent with our user base
- Fixed changes to cloud layers issue when loading weather into FS
- Fixed several environmental texture issues
- Fixed some problematic wave animation sets. Some users reported too harsh of an animation algorithm
- Added two texture sets to the inland and ocean water areas
- Added one texture set to the wave animation area
- Added a new dawn sky set named "ejoiners sky"

패치의 용량은 총 19.2MB이며, REX 포럼의 'Service Pack' 항목에서 다운로드할 수 있습니다.
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